Xandra Weinbeck

Drawings and paintings


Xandra is an autodidactic artist with broad interest in all kind of artistic expressions. The abstract oil or acrylic paintings are spontaneous, aesthetic expression of emotion, neglecting the recognizable shape. The painting is created by emotions and creative energy, a way of expression in its purest form. In a passionate show of color, space and composition, a lyrical translation of abstract music, nature and emotions. Colors and lines go in search of the essence, intuitive improvising around a topic.

It is a great passion by using new images that will be reflected in a new color scheme. The paintings have several layers, these layers are ultimately responsible for the depth in color and ensures that the fantasy will take over. The viewer will capture, or recognize a particular recalled emotion.

Besides the mainly abstract painting with clearly not recognizable figurative, the recognizable portraits pastel chalk drawing and sculptures are another way of expression. They show less or more detail. The less details the better the sculpture will be. The interpretation of the viewer is individual and a small part of the imagination will take over.